Between the Sheets - Molly O'Keefe

In Between the Sheets by Mollly O’Keefe, Shelby Monroe is strong and brave, but she has gone through so much making it a miracle that she is more than what her father drilled into her that she could be, and because of it, she is very stubborn and proud.


Wyatt Svenson has been on the move for years, but after years of running he has stopped at Bishop, Arkansas. Learning that he has a son he never knew about makes him settle down even more. But his son Ty has some issues and not many people are willing to try to help his very troubled boy. Wyatt, aka Ty, likes to get his hand dirty fixing his motorcycle at night and forget about the mistakes he has made.


Wyatt and Shelby met one night when Shelby showed up on Wyatt’s driveway to complain about the noise. Only Shelby cares to try and help his son, as his art teacher.  You can tell that these two are to a tough beginning. But Ty needs Shelby in more ways than one, he needs her to help his son, but he also needs her for himself.


But Shelby’s tight control and stubbornness will make it tough for them to find what they both want and need. Only Ty’s willingness to fight for her and not give up will open Shelby’s eyes to what is right in front of her and make her forget her fears.


If you want a hot and sweet read, don’t miss Between the Sheets by Mollly O’Keefe. And make sure to go back and read the previous books in this series, I can assure you that you will love them just as much. :)