Tangled Thing Called Love - Juliet Rosetti

In Tangled Thing called Love by Juliet Rosetti, Mazie has been having trouble getting in touch with Ben since he left for LA to become a big time photojournalist. As time goes by, the fewer his calls and emails to her. Until one day Mazie decides to call him only to have a woman answer his phone. To make matters worst for her, she just lost another job.


So Mazie decides to go home to Quail Hollow to help with her nephews while he and his wife have their new baby. Her grandmother has been left in charge of the twins while they await the arrival of the new baby, but now Mazie would help her. Little does she know that Ben has invited himself along to the family farm and is surprised when he shows up at the farm.


When Ben hears of a cold case of a local girl that went missing many years ago. So while there he decides to do a little investigating of his own into the cold case. In the meantime, Mazie finds herself entering a beauty pageant that is allegedly cursed.


Mazie and Ben have not had an easy relationship so far, and now is no different. Mazie believes that Ben cheated on her with Hollywood starlets he was surrounded by. Regardless of that, she cannot deny her attraction towards him, which he always tries to use to get her back with sexual advances. But unless they get a chance to talk things through and clear things out, they will continue having problems in their relationship.


In this latest installment of Life on the Lam, Mazie and Ben will continue entertaining you with witty and sharp banter. Not to mention that her nephews were fun to be around but such a handful that led to Ben deciding that he and Mazie would have girls. And then there is the sabotage against Mazie during the beauty pageant so she doesn’t win, and her orange tan and other catastrophes that will have you laughing and loving all the trouble Mazie and Ben will get into while in Quail Hollow.


If you want a fun and entertaining read that will have you laughing out loud, don’t miss Tangled Thing called Love by Juliet Rosetti.