The Millionaire Affair - Jessica Lemmon

In The Millionaire Affair by Jessica Lemmon, Landon Downey is a millionaire ad executive, and as such he doesn’t want any relationships. But when he is saddled with his six-year-old nephew, he needs to find a nanny ASAP, and doesn’t hesitate to ask Kimber Reynolds to act as a live-in nanny. What he doesn’t expect is the chemistry and attraction he feels towards her.


Kimber and Landon had not see each other since they were kids, but the chemistry and attraction is mutual. So when he wants a no-strings attached relationship, she decides to take it like a business manner. She does tend to fall in love fast, and this is the way to change that tendency. But a no emotion and all fun relationship is not easy, so when emotions start to show, she decides to cut the relationship short.


But when something else comes out from their relationship they will have to decide the best way to handle things. And while they may both think an arrangement is for the best, maybe being together is the best option.


If you want a fun and sweet story, don’t miss The Millionaire Affair by Jessica Lemmon.