When You Are Mine - Kennedy Ryan

In When You Are Mine by Kennedy Ryan, Kerris Moreton has had a tough childhood. She grew up an orphan and has no idea who her parents were. Now she is 25 and making something of her life, starting her own business and her boyfriend just proposed and is about to become her fiancé.


Kerris has a heart of gold, she cannot walk away from a child or and elderly person in need. Which is how Walsh Bennett first sees her, helping an older lady who just missed her bus and giving her a lift, right before she is supposed to show up to a special event his mother made on her behalf and the Walsh Foundation.


Cameron Mitchell is Kerris boyfriend and has a lot in common with her. They both had a similar childhood and grew up in foster homes. Which is why they are so good together, they understand each other and their needs.


Honestly I’m not sure I liked this story so much. There is a love-triangle going on between Kerris, Cam and Walsh. The fact that Cam and Walsh have been best friends for many years only complicates matters. Then there is the fact that Kerris is attracted to Walsh but she continues with her plans with Cam. Only to then have an affair with Walsh and driving a wedge between the two best friends. She then marries Cam leaving Walsh in even more pain.


It really is hard to rate this story for it has many different points that not many authors take. Like the fact that nobody knows anything about Kerris’s roots, or that Walsh and his father have a difficult relationship and the ending is one of those cliffhangers with no resolution that you need to read the next book to find out what happens. I really do hope that each of these characters find their HEA at some point.