Heat: A Loveswept Contemporary Erotic Romance - Jamie K. Schmidt

In Heat by Jamie K. Schmidt, Mallory Bryant is an ER doctor engaged to a David, a drug-abusing and abusive attorney. After David beats her and force-fed her a dirty drug, she knows she needs to run. Her place to go is to her sister’s resort in Connecticut to try and find some balance in her life.


Her sister Colleen was always the bad girl, to Mallory’s good girl. But now Colleen heads the fashionable spa Couture. Known for it’s club, rehab and resort, but there is a side to Couture that only members know about, a Sex Club where anything goes.


Max Spencer is a martial arts trainer, also Mallory’s bodyguard. But there is one thing that Mallory doesn’t know, Max is Couture’s most skilled dominant. And he will enjoy taking her on to the limits of pleasure and make her surrender to his touch. But the more time they spend together the more their relationship develops, something that goes beyond the boundaries for Max.


But when Mallory’s past catches up to her, it will be up to Max to help her and fight for what they have.


If you want a hot and steamy read, don’t miss Heat by Jamie K. Schmidt.