Then Came You - Jill Shalvis

In Then Came You by Jill Shalvis, Emily is a veterinary intern with a dream of an easy life in Hollywood looking at the pets of the stars while looking fabulous. Only since she was not the best of the 2 interns sponsored by the two clinics, the other girl got first choice and instead of the LA clinic she imagined about she ends up in Sunshine, Idaho. She will have to put her plans to move to LA on hold for an entire year until she fulfills her obligation of her vet school scholarship.


What Emily didn’t expect was to meet Wyatt, the man she had one-night stand with in Reno during a vet conference, nor that he would be her immediate supervisor. She wants to pretend that night never happened, but she cannot help being drawn to his seductive looks and his quiet strength.


Wyatt never forgot about Emily, even if she did leave very fast after their one-night together. He knows the chemistry between them is still there, but there is one problem, Emily already has a foot out the door and is counting the days until she leaves and he doesn’t want anything if it’s not forever.


Emily and Wyatt have many family issues for which they are trying to make better lives for themselves. While Wyatt wants to stay in Idaho and help his sisters while making his own plans, Emily wants to leave and thinks that she is completely responsible for father and sister, even if they are fully grown people able to take care of themselves.


Wyatt will steal your heart, the same way he has with every woman in Sunshine, while Emily will break yours with her issues and insecurities. But he biggest challenge for them both will be to take a step onto the unexpected and change their plans in order to find and fight for true love.


I just love Jill Shalvis, no matter if you have read the previous books in this series, you can read this one on it’s own and fall in love with it. It is funny, hot and so very entertaining.