Worth the Risk - Robin Bielman

In Worth the Risk by Robin Bielman, there is one fling that you always remember and for Samantha Bennett and Dean Malloy they are that fling they can’t forget.


Only now it’s five years later and Dean is back in her life, but to steal a contract that could make or break her career. So Samantha vowed to herself to hate him and get her contract, but the competition between them is more than just anger. There are deeper feelings fueling all that energy.


As the chemistry continues to burn between them, Dean proposes a liason over a weekend, just so he can get her out of his system. But unless they fix misunderstandings that pushed them apart in the past, they will not be able to move on into the future. And make the most important decision of their lives, work or love.


If you want a sweet, intense and fast read, don’t miss Worth the Risk by Robin Bielman.