Against the Cage - Sidney Halston

In Against the Cage by Sidney Halston, Chrissy Martin is returning home after 11 years to bail her brother Slade out of jail. She is a great doctor who travels the world to treat illness for those who could find otherwise. But retuning home never brings anything good for her, starting with a breakup text, followed by a phonecall from her brother in jail and ending with her accidentally punching an officer, who stopped her for speeding, in a very delicate place. The worst part is that the officer is her brother’s best friend, her childhood crush and now a cop.


Jack Daniels was cursed with a ridiculous name, and his constant need to protect his best friend’s little sister. But after being gone 11 years, now she is back looking nothing like the chubby, insecure and nerdy little girl he remembers. Instead she is now a stunning, accomplished and confident woman, one that he cannot help but fantasize about even while trying to talk to her about her speeding.


And that is just the beginning, for Chrissy doesn’t like fighting, and Jack is a MMA fighter also, something that she doesn’t approve of. Even if the chemistry between them is so hot, that she gets hot and bothered when he plays like caveman. They both have a way to go and some issues to resolve before they can get what they both really want, but the journey will be just as hot.


If you want a fun, laugh out loud read with lots of chemistry, a hot guy in a uniform and a strong heroine, don’t miss Against the Cage by Sidney Halston.