Until We Touch - Susan Mallery

In Until We Touch by Susan Mallery, Jack McGarry is wary of letting anyone get too close after everything he lost in his past. So he keeps everyone at arms length, something that will not be as simple in Fool’s Gold with the neighborly people.


Larissa Owens is Jack’s best friend and assistant. She loves everything unconditionally, especially Jack. But she knows that Jack only sees her as one of the guys, even after she realizes that at some point without knowing she started to fall for him. So she decides to seduce him and get him out of her system in order to get on with her life, only things and especially love and chemistry are not that simple.


With her tendency to love and Jack’s to keep people at arm’s length, you know that things are going to get interesting. For Jack doesn’t believe he is in love with Larissa and ends up hurting her really badly. (Which is how his friend end up punching him some sense into him, but you need to read it to know what happens) Now Jack will have his work cut out for him convincing Larissa to give him another chance, the only thing on his favor is that she is so kind and loves unconditionally that she just might.


If you want a sweet, fun and heartwarming read, don’t miss Until We Touch by Susan Mallery.