Before We Kiss - Susan Mallery

Before We Kiss is another great book by Susan Mallery and the Fools Gold series. I will keep looking forward for more to come.


In Before We Kiss, Dellina Hopkins has not have an easy life since her parents died unexpectedly, she had to raise her twin sisters all on her own and forget about doing anything wild like many young girls. Thankfully, they are both grown now, one married and the other engaged. Now all she wanted was a single night with Sam Ridge. But her she didn’t expect that helping her friend by storing some of her gowns would chase him away.


Sam is a former pro-football kicker, making him a target for certain women. And then having had a horribly bad luck, they have all turned to be cheaters or fame chasers. So when he met Dellina at the bar he thought she looked harmless compared to all those women. Only when she takes him home he finds a room devoted to wedding gowns and securing a man for life, making a run for it as fast as he could.


For five months Sam has been avoiding Dellina, but now he needs her services as a party planner. He needs her help to plan a party for the PR firm he is a partner in and she is the only one that can help. But Sam still thinks about avoiding her, waits until the last possible moment when he has to go to her no matter what. And then finds out the truth about why the wedding gowns were in a room at her house and feels silly about it all.


But real chemistry doesn’t disappear that easily, and five months have done nothing on the chemistry between Sam and Dellina. Making their time together planning the party even more enjoyable. But the road to their HEA will not be simple, and Sam’s parents and Dellina’s sisters will only make things more interesting.


If you want a fun and entertaining read, don’t miss Before We Kiss by Susan Mallery.