A Very Exclusive Engagement (Daughters of Power: The Capital) - Andrea Laurence

In A Very Exclusive Engagement by Andrea Laurence, Liam Crowe has bought the network after the previous owner was arrested for being involved in a phone hacking scandal. But Francesca Orr is giving problems because she is standing up for her projects and she will not back down. Only after being trapped in an elevator with her, things get very heated, for now she has gotten his attention and it will not go away that easily. So when Liam gets threatened by his aunt, by selling her shares of the network, if he doesn’t settle down, he knows he needs help and the person that comes to mind is Francesca is his best option.


Liam believes that he can fake himself through an engagement and get his aunt off his back. But no matter what he does, he will have a hard time remembering that this is a fake relationship. Only soon he ends up marrying her and he is still fighting his feeling for her, which will make their relationship very complicated. Especially since Francesca descends from an Italian mother and an Irish father, making her very passionate and with a strong personality.


But the toughest thing will be for Liam to accept his feelings before he looses Francesca, even if she herself was a little at fault with her superstitions which led her to almost giving in to loosing him without a fight.


If you like a fun, entertaining and delightful read full of chemistry and meddlesome family members, you will like A Very Exclusive Engagement by Andrea Laurence.