Undeniable Demands - Andrea Laurence

In Undeniable Demands by Andrea Laurence, Wade Mitchell is a self-made millionaire. He was raised in a foster home by the Edens, and he would do anything for them. So when he finds out that a piece of land they just sold has a dangerous secret, he is determined to get it back no matter what. What he doesn’t expect is that the new owner is Victoria Sullivan, a woman he fired several years ago.


Tori is still hurt about being fired, for she had done nothing wrong to deserve being fired. So when Wade offers an insane amount of money to get the land she just bought she declines. After living a gypsy-like life, and then becoming a green architect, she bought the land and plans to build her own home there. Not to mention that when Wade fired her and believed false accusations of her made her wary of men and left her with trust issues towards them.


What neither of them expected was the attraction they felt toward one another. Which Wade will use to his advantage, thinking that if he can get to know her and seduces her, he may just be able to convince her to sell the land. But Tori will not be an easy catch, and she will put up a fight and try to prevent anything from happening between Wade and her, only to set herself up for heartbreak.

Wade will not be able to buy himself out of the problems coming his way, or to convince Tori to go his way. With her trust issues she will become one of the biggest challenges Wade has had to face.


If you like a fun and witty romance, don’t miss Undeniable Demands by Andrea Laurence.