Snowbound with a Billionaire (Billionaires and Babies) - Jules Bennett

In Snowbound With A Billionaire by Jules Bennett, Max Ford has returned to his hometown to care for his mother after her surgery for breast cancer. He knows that he will run into Raine, his ex-girlfriend, sooner or later. What Max didn’t expect was to run into her on the first day, during a snowstorm. But now that he has, he wants asnwers about what happened years ago.


Raine Monroe has made a good life for herself after Max left. She doesn’t know why he never kept his promise to send for her, but she moved on and cannot risk getting involved with him now. When she is about to adopt her cousin’s baby girl and finally become a mother.


But fate has other plans and snows them in together. Now they will have to find a way to get along and maybe be able to put the past to rights and move on to a better and happier future together. Only finding the truth about what kept them apart will be hard, but in the end all things go the way they are meant to be, and those who plotted against them will have a little payback coming.


If you like second chance romance, with a wonderful and emotional reunion, don’t miss Snowbound With A Billionaire by Jules Bennett.