To Tame a Cowboy - Jules Bennett

In To Tame A Cowboy by Jules Bennett, Ryan Grant and Piper Kindred have been best friends since the third grade, from the moment she punched him in the nose.


Now Ryan has a great career as a rodeo star, but he needs more and is now ready to move on. He wants to open a rodeo school in Royal, Texas and show Piper that he wants to be more than just friends. Unfortunately, Ryan suffered an accident and got a concussion. Lucky for him, Piper rushes to take care of him while he gets better.


Piper feels the same attraction for Ryan that he fells for her, but she is afraid that he will change his mind and leave her with a broken heart. She is afraid of loosing their friendship, and she knows that rodeo riders are not always able to settle down, the way her father was never able to. Deserting her and her mother, leaving behind a young Piper and her brokenhearted mother.


Piper will try her best to stand up to Ryan as he pushes her to try and help her. Something that she doesn’t really like for she is very independent. But that does not mean that Ryan will give up, no, he will have to work hard to convince her to accept his help to work on her house. And convincing her that he is serious about wanting to make a life with her and not rush her will take a lot of patience on his part.


A friends to lovers story is always sweet to read. There is always the fear of loosing the friend you have, but gaining something deeper than that is always much better as Ryan and Piper will find out.


For a sweet and entertaining romance read, don’t miss To Tame A Cowboy by Jules Bennett.