A Wicked Game (An Elite Classified Novel) - Evie Knight

In A Wicked Game by Evie Knight, Tori is at the top of her game career-wise, but on the personal side she is still looking for her happily ever after. So when her friend Ariana offers her an invitation to an exclusive online dating service, she decides to use it.


Jack accepted the invitation he was given by his friend to Elite, an online dating service. What he didn’t expect was to be set up with the one woman he cannot forget after her stunt in college. Now he has to decide leave or stay and finish what they started.


While Jack decides to stay, it’s not for usual reasons any other person using Elite would. No, he plans to get payback on her. And so he leaves her in a very embarrassing situation herself.


Which is how we begin the story, and why Jack and Tori begin doing all kind of crazy thing to get payback and one up one another again and again. But we all know that much feeling cannot only derive from their humiliation, and so begins their journey to their own HEA.


I love this series, it’s HOT, it’s fun and it’s a fast read that I want more every time. I cannot wait to see who is next and what will happen.