The Man Behind the Mask (Mills & Boon Cherish) - Barbara Wallace

In The Man Behind The Mask by Barbara Wallace, Delilah St. Germaine has been the executive assistant of Simon Cartwright at an advertisement agency for the past four years. She fell for him since the moment they met, but things have always been kept professional. Until the day they go to Boston to meet a potential client.


Simon leads a life that has nothing to do with Delilah, a life full of glitter and high society. But when he goes to Boston he is faced with memories of the past he has tried his best to forget.


Now Delilah and Simon will see the truth behind the glitter and social persona that he gives everyone, leading to her finally opening up to him and telling him her feelings.

Things only get better for her since they finally consummate what they have desired and denied for a long time. But Simon cannot let go of the past, which makes him break her heart since he feels unable to commit to her.


Only Delilah’s strong will and love will help her make Simon let go of the past and see the future they could have together.


This is not your typical romance and will break your heart once you know Simon’s past, but will have you cheering for Delilah to be able to give him the happiness he has been denying himself for a long time and now them.