Always On My Mind  - Bella Andre

In Always On My Mind by Bella Andre, Lori Sullivan, aka Naughty, who is anything but naughty, is the talented Sullivan dancer. She is easy to trust and give out love to others, which is completely different from the tough act she puts out. Which is why when she suffers a devastating betrayal she abandoned her show in Chicago and flees to a random location, where she decides that she wants to try being a farmhand.


Grayson Tyler blames himself for a tragedy that happened three years before. So he left his life and New York City behind for a life of solitude in the rolling hills of the California coast. He has kept to himself and has attempted to shut everyone out since then, but soon his barriers are going to be tested.


Grayson doesn’t want Lori invading his life. But Lori can see that he is in pain and she is determined to earn her keep and help Grayson while she is there.


Grayson and Lori don’t know that the emotional attachments they are trying to avoid, would be awakened by the each other. And they will both find the comfort they need in each other’s arms. Grayson doesn’t want to love again but soon he realizes that he wants forever with Lori, but first he must learn to forgive himself and then show Lori the meaning of true love.


If you want a sweet, funny and hot read, don’t miss Always On My Mind by Bella Andre.