Long Simmering Spring: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance - Elisabeth Barrett

Long Simmering Spring is the third book in this series and will not let you down. I have to say that I personally now have to go back and look for the first two.


Cole Grayson has returned to Star Harbor as the new sheriff after a long military career that left him with PSTD and a career as a cop in Boston. All he wants is to forget his past and to move on with his life. But he knows that Julie Kensington is the woman he wants to be part of it.


Julie has never forgotten Cole Grayson, he may now be the sheriff of Star Harbor, but to her he is still the boy that stole her first kiss in high school. Now all she wants is to steer clear from him and make a success of her practice, which she just opened, with her being the only local doctor in Star Harbor.


When Julie starts getting involved in trying to save a woman who is being abused by her husband and then gets attacked herself, Cole will not stop until he can keep her safe. But first he must convince her that she needs to be trained in self-defense and that she is not always safe by herself.


Things start getting more interesting when Julie realizes that her prescription pads have gone missing, and with the town going through some problems about people buying bath salts with drugs that have killed people recently. She knows that she must report to Cole and help him, but can she keep herself safe from the person using her practice in some way and a man bent on revenge from taking his wife from him?


Things will not be easy for Cole and Julie, her independence and his fear of caring will not make it easy for their love to develop. But when Julie’s life in terrible danger they will realize what truly matters in life.


For a great page-turner that will keep you hooked and wondering what happens next Long Simmering Spring by Elisabeth Barrett is the one for you.