Live - Mary Ann Rivers

In Live by Mary Ann Rivers, Destiny Burnside spends many of her days at her local library in Lakefield, Ohio filling out applications and submitting resumes trying to get a job. Unfortunately the rejection letters are piling up and no acceptance letter seems to be in horizon.


Meanwhile, she also spends a lot of time there admiring the woodcarver that’s restoring the building. Until one day she cannot handle things any more and her emotions overflow into tears, which bring the handsome man, Hefin Thomas to her side to console her and try and find a way to help her find employment.


Destiny and Hefin spend as much time together as they can from there on, taking lunch together or going to the batting cages. Destiny knows that once the restoring job is done Hefin will leave and return to his home in Wales.


Hefin knows that he his time in the US is limited, but he cannot help but be attracted to the redhead in the library. He finally gets the chance to get close to her one day when he finds her crying. Soon he finds himself calm and at peace when with her, and he wonders if he offers to take her to Wales with him if she would accept.


This is another great story by Mary Ann Rivers. Destiny and Hefin pulled at my heartstrings and I was cheering for them to get their HEA. Their romance was sweet and cute like young love, but also filled with tough decisions that had to be made. Things will not be easy for them but their love is filled with hope and will bring a smile to your face. I hope to read the next books in this series and learn more about this great family.