Double Play (Berkley Sensation)

Double Play - Jill Shalvis This is a very fun and sexy romance novel.

All Pace is interested is baseball. It's his life, all he knows and he doesn't think that anything else can interest him in life besides that.

Holly is a reporter used to digging out secrets, a trait she got really good at thanks to her mother, that's all her life revolves around. Everyone has secrets and it's her job to find them and expose them. She sees life as black and white, right and wrong no gray in between.

When Holly is assigned to do a series on the Heat baseball team she expects to keep her emotional distance and find whatever secrets they have at whatever cost in order to expose them. But with team the team slowly become her friends and now she doesn't want to find any secrets that could hurt her friends, especially Pace the man she has been crushing and lusting over since their first meeting.

Now Holly will learn to see the gray areas in life and Pace will find that baseball is not all in life. But they have to trust each other and be able to forgive in order to be able to find their true happiness.

You have to read this story if you want to find out how both Holly and Pace change their attitude and way of thinking in order to have what truly matters in life.