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Red Hot Holiday - Anne Calhoun, K.A. Mitchell, Leah Braemel, Angela James Red Hot Holiday is a very hot and sweet holiday read.

WARNING: If you don't like to read about BDSM, mild BDSM or M/M or threesomes don't read this story.

Now if you are reading this is because you might like to read about this type of stories.

I don't want to give too much away for these stories, so here is a brief breakdown of the stories. The first is very into BDSM and is M/M, the second story is mild BDSM and the third is about a threesome with very mild bonding. This way you can skip to the one to your liking. ;-)

I have to say that these stories are not what most people expect of erotica novels (which btw, I didn't know it was at first, lol). All three stories had a lot of depth to the characters and where mostly about keeping that special someone in their lives. Whether they needed to change or simply had to open up and find the love and acceptance of that special person in their lives.

If you like romances with really hot scenes then this book is for you. :)