The Story Guy (Novella)

The Story Guy - Mary Ann Rivers In The Story Guy, Carrie West is happy with her life, but when her parent's new cruise trip is scheduled and she is asked to join them she breaks down into tears with her friend. She is in her thirties now but still has not found love, and every person around her is very happy in a relationship. She always tends to look at the online personal ads to have a good laugh, but this time she finds an ad that temps her into replying.

Brian Newburgh has placed an ad online for dating on Wednesdays at noon, kissing only, he will not touch anywhere below the neck, while she can touch him anywhere. They will meet every Wednesday, if she misses one or he misses one they will part as strangers. Brian is an attorney for the city, but his life is private and something that he does not share easily.

At first Carrie believes that she can adhere to his rules, but soon, the more she gets to know Brian the more she wants and Wednesdays will no longer be enough and thinks about missing a day. But with the help and advise of a friend who tells her that Brian may just be a story guy, one that has a lot going in his life that he feels he cannot share, but every moment with her he will make special and a highlighted time in her life's book, she decides to continue and see where things go.

Brian's life is not easy and he has lost the ability to share or be with anyone in any type of relationship except that one hour. But life will bring them together more often than not, and fate will make sure that things work out as they are meant to, so long as one of them is willing to fight for them and be supportive.

This a very nice and emotional read, at first I didn't understand what was happening, why the rules and everything, but as the story went on I couldn't help but admire Brian's dedication and Carrie's willingness to help and support him. The Story Guy by Mary Ann Rivers is a short novella that will touch your heart and may just have you shed a tear.