Italian Boss, Proud Miss Prim (Harlequin Presents)

Italian Boss, Proud Miss Prim (Harlequin Presents) - Susan Stephens In Italian Boss, Miss Prim, Katie Bannister had been studying to be an opera singer, but an unfortunate accident left her with a husky and deeper voice and scars that remind her of her misfortune every time she looks at them, with her dreams destroyed she decided to become a lawyer.

Now she is the newest junior in an attorney’s office. She knows that no one there likes that she gets attached and feels too much empathy towards her clients, something that her bosses frown upon. So when there are talks going around the office about having to let go of people, she knows that she will be one of them. But to her surprise, she is assigned to read a will to Rigo Ruggiero from his late stepbrother. Something that will help her CV look better.

Rigo does not know why his late stepbrother left him anything. He stole everything from Rigo many years before and showed him nothing but pain, why should this time be any different. Read More...