A Highlander's Obsession: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance - Vonnie Davis

If you love alpha shifters and the women that can make them fall to their knees, you’ll like A Highlander’s Obsession.

Paisley Munro has always felt as a weird person because of her ability to communicate with animals, which make her a great veterinary assistant. But when she travels to Scotland with her grandmother for a relative’s funeral things are going to take an interesting turn for her.


Creighton Matheson has to keep the place safe for him and his fellow shifters as well as all the other animals. But with Paisley’s grandmother inheriting land there, he is afraid their days of roaming free may be in danger. But he cannot seem to be able to keep away from Paisley, the woman that fainted in his arms as soon as she arrived at his lodge.


But what Creighton doesn’t know is that she is afraid because she heard his thoughts when they arrived, when she has only ever been able to hear animal’s thoughts. Only that is not the only danger they face, someone has been making problems within the clan, and now Effie, Paisley’s grandmother seems to be in danger, and there is also the curse the Matheson have hanging over their heads that only one person can break.


I absolutely loved this story, not only does it have a sweet and over protective alpha shifter, it also has a lot of mystery and a woman that has more than a simple role as a damsel that will help save the day.