The More Than Men Sexy Trilogy - Andrea Laurence

A Sexy and Hot read. Three short and fast paced novellas that will keep you entertained.


Sexy as Hell:


Sexy as hell makes a great short read for any paranormal romance reader.

Seth is the oldest immortal warrior that fights Demons. He was turned immortal by Michael the Archangel right before his death, but he has to serve as his warrior and fight demons. The downside to becoming immortal is that lust was not taken away the same way as his mortality was. Now he lust for his neighbor and friend Camille. But she has been possessed by a succubus and he has to keep the succubus from killing him or Camille.

Camille is Seth's neighbor and has been a good friend. She wants to be more than that but she doesn't know how, she thinks that acting like what a man would want to take home to his mother is the best way to get him. But now she has been possessed by a succubus that wants to seduce and destroy Seth.

The book was a great short read, but like many short reads it kept me wanting more. I hope that there are more books to come. :)



Sexy in a Bottle:


Valerie Thomas just learned that she has an incurable heart condition. After which she decided to live in isolation as a lighthouse keeper. She believes that if she lives a very clam life she may live longer.


When a pendants and a naked man suddenly show up on the beach in the eve of a storm things will change for her forever. For Raj is a djinn who has been trapped in the necklace for a millennia and been forced to do the will of others, mainly selfish and evil men and women.


After meeting Valerie he thinks that he will go through hell again, only to have her not want to make any wishes and taking care of him. But he can see the deep sadness she carries and wants to help her and make things better for her.



The Walking Sexy:


Greyson Foster has lived isolated since the outbreak and the beginning of the zombies. Humans are afraid of him because of how he looks, but he is not like the ravenous undead, and they ignore him for he is not food to them.


Daria Mason has been working hard to find a vaccine for the Anthropophagus virus creating the undead. Most of the people in her town have either fled or died. When suddenly Greyson arrives into town and warns her of the zombies heading her way. Only instead of being afraid of him she is attracted to him.


What she doesn’t know is how the undead ignore him and he has survived the disease, until she learns what happened to him and how he may just be the answer she has been looking for.


Not all zombies are man eating monsters, this one is a hot male in an undead body willing to fight for the woman he falls for.