His Lover's Little Secret - Andrea Laurence

Gavin Brooks and Sabine Hayes used to be an item years ago. But Sabine could not deal with Gavin’s world and never felt comfortable in it so she left him. Gavin didn’t see the point of pursuing her if she wasn’t comfortable with him. Until a couple years later when he find out that Sabine has been keeping a secret, his child.


Now Gavin knows that he made a mistake letting her go without a fight. Yet things are still not going to be easy, for they have to find a way to work through their problems and find a way to compromise for their son’s welfare. And even though Gavin is willing to put his ego aside in order to show Sabine that he wants her back in his life, his way is not exactly the most romantic or tactful one.


But for Sabine her son comes first, and she will have to teach Gavin the same and help him put their son first, even above his company. Something that is not easy for Gavin to do for he has always put his company first.


Another great reunion and second chance romance that will keep you flipping the pages until you finish it.