Snowed In with Her Ex (Brides and Belles) - Andrea Laurence

Brianna and her three friends have setup a company called From This Moment, an elite wedding one stop in which Briana is the photographer. Only in her meeting she learned that they had booked a big celebrity wedding for Missy Kline and Ian Lawson. Not knowing that Ian was her college sweetheart, now she is expected to take the engagement and wedding photos.


Ian used to be everything to Bree, until he became such a workaholic he forgot everything and reminded her so much of her father that she could not do it anymore. Now nine years later she has managed to get to his cabin on the mountain side through the treacherous weather, and comes face to face with him once again. Only once she arrives he receives a call from his fiancé that the roads are closed and she cannot make it. Leaving Bree and Ian stranded, alone and unable to leave.


Now being cooped up together will bring back the memories of when they were together and the sparks that never went away. While Ian has tried to forget the bad memories of his past, he was never able to forget her. But will be able to make up for the mistakes of his past and get back what he lost?