Facing the Music - Andrea Laurence

Ivy and Blake used to be high school sweetheart with a great future. Until things imploded one night at a football game, where their relationship ended, his football career was lost and Ivy’s angry song made her a rock star, making Blake a laughingstock.


Blake salvaged his career by becoming a high school football coach and regaining his hero status in town. But after a tornado hits town and destroys part of the high school, a committee is formed to rebuild and plan a charity fundraiser. What Blake doesn’t know is that his grandmother requests Ivy return to Rosewood for the events to bring attention to the town and to bring more money.


Being back together will not be easy for either of them, even if they both thought that their relationship was over. For the sparks still fly when they are in the same room, and Blake’s grandmother will make sure that they are in a lot of rooms at the same time. But first they will have to find forgiveness for the past before they can find the happiness in their future.