Back in Her Husband's Bed (Mills & Boon Desire) - Andrea Laurence

Annie is a poker player, to everyone she may seem cold and unemotional, while Nate a casino owner is trying to work hard to bring his family’s legacy back after a bad run. Three years before they met and fell hard for one another, making Nate afraid of losing her and marrying her in haste Vegas style. Only Annie comes from a family of commitment phobic women which makes her run fast after Nate asks for a little more than she thinks she can give.


Now Annie is back wanting a divorce and Nate will give it to her, for a price. Nate needs help to break a cheating ring at a major poker tournament, which will bring a contract for future tournaments, and his best bet to do that is Annie.


While blackmail is not always nice, that’s the bets way Nate can think of to get both his wife back where she belongs and pickup where they left off, and to bring success to his casino. But things will not be so easy for them, for the cheaters are not going to give up the big prize that easily.


Second chance romance with a little angst mixed in, what more can I ask for. ;)