Heir To Scandal (Harlequin DesireSecrets of Eden) - Andrea Laurence

Another great book in this series. In this third book, we get to see Xander finding his own happiness.


Xander’s life seems like the perfect life, but everything ais about to fall apart. When he returns home to assist his family cover up a scandal that will damage his changes at being re-elected as a congressman. On his return he runs into Rose, the first woman he loved, and discovers that she has changed into a beauty that he can’t resist.


While out on a date she receives a call that her son is in the hospital, and under the stress and worry she cannot drive herself to the hospital. So Xander being a gentleman offers to take her there. But once there, he makes a great discovery as soon as he lays his eyes in Joey, Rose’s son. He is angry about the secret she kept form him, but he will not walk away from his son.


Now not only does he have a family scandal that will cost him his re-election, he also has a secret son that will make things more difficult there too. Xander will have to decide what’s more important his family or his career.