In the Shadow of Malice - Nancy C. Weeks

In the Shadow of Malice by Nancy C. Weeks, Adam Blake is an ex-CIA operative. He went to great lengths to fake his death and change his identity, in order to hide from his maternal grandfather, who controls the most brutal crime syndicate in Eastern Europe. He has been living on the edge of danger since he turned 18, and has to keep his guard up at all moments, not letting anyone get too close. But when he finally decides to let up a little the worst happens. His best friend and the mother of his child is attacked, tortured and murdered.


Calista Martin has been hiding from life since her college roommate and friend was killed in their home. On the outside she looks friendly and befriends everyone, but on the inside she continues to hide from life and getting too close to anyone hiding behind her grandfather in his diner. Until the day that she turns in her thesis and everyone is congratulating her. For the first time Adam approaches her and congratulates, when he usually keeps to himself.


When Adam offers to give her a ride home, Calista is encouraged by her grandfather to accept. But as they are about to enter the highway something weird happens, Adam gets a terrible pain in his head and hears his daughter calling for his help inside his mind. He knows that this is not possible, but he calls his friend to make sure they are all right, only to find out that his uncle has her and has threatened to kill her.


Adam tries to get rid of Calista and send her home, but she will not leave him, especially with him still having a headache and bleeding from his eyes. So he accepts her driving but requests that she leaves as soon as she drops him off. But as he gets off the car, Calista gets the same feeling she felt that night before she left her friend and home only to find her dead soon after. And she knows that she needs to get past her fear and help Adam any way she can.


Soon Adam and Calista find themselves on the run with a little girl and hiding from the killers. Adam must find help if he is to keep his daughter safe, and his best bet is to ask his paternal family, the family that knows him but doesn’t know who he is.


This is a very intense read, Adam and Calista are a great couple and I loved how she always found just the right way to help and protect him and his daughter. While he was determined to end the threat from the Vasnev family, there are things he doesn’t know and truths that will change his view of his life and what will happen in the end.


For a intriguing read full of suspense that will keep you at the edge of your seat, don’t miss In the Shadow of Malice by Nancy C. Weeks.