Sweet Callahan Homecoming - Tina Leonard

In Sweet Callahan Homecoming by Tina Leonard, Ashlyn Callahan has always believed that she is the haunted one. So one night when she believes that she has killed her uncle, the one thing their grandfather has prohibited to them, she runs away from her family to keep them safe. According to her grandfather, the haunted one will bring darkness down on her family and that is the only way to keep them safe.


Xavier Phillips has loved Ashlyn for a long time now. But as the only female Callahan he would have a tough time convincing her to marry him. He had expected to ask her to marry him when Wolf ambushed them, and then she ran away. Now it’s almost Christmas and Fiona wants Ash back home. So Xav will do his best to track her down and bring her home.


Xav has finally tracked her down, but the woman who answers the door denies knowing Ash. But his instincts have him looking in on the window, only to find her carrying one baby and surrounded with bassinets containing three other babies. Xav believes at first that she is helping caring for another person’s babies, until she start breastfeeding. Now he will take him woman and his children home with him no matter what.


Ash knew that sooner or later she would have to tell him the truth, but she is not ready. She wants to keep them her family safe, but if she returns she will put them in danger once again. Wolf has already said that she was his main target, only now she also needs to think of her children and the best way to keep them safe. Not to mention that she misses her family.


But as they are planning to head back to Rancho Diablo, Wolf shows up and attempts to kidnap Ash. Xav needs to keep his babies safe and having wild shots with them within range is not safe. But he will make his move as soon as Wolf thinks he is almost succeeded. He asks Mallory, the woman Ash has been with, to take the babies to the safety of the kitchen and makes his move. Shooting three times towards Wolf and his accomplice he believes that he has killed them. Only to learn the bodies have disappeared when the sheriff arrives.


Ash and Xav head back to Rancho Diablo believing that they are now safe from Wolf, but things are not as they seem, as they will soon learn. But in the meantime, Xav will do his best to try to convince Ash to marry him. Yet she keeps declining saying that she will bring darkness to his life, without accepting that she loves him as much as he loves her and that for their children’s happiness they should be together. Then when he finally convinces her, the magic wedding dress magically burns and is replaced by a normal wedding dress that when she tries it seems to choke her and she is unable to remove on her own.


Things are complicated for the Callahans in this last book. But with the help of their grandfather and the things that Ash just knows somehow, they will be able to finally defeat the darkness that has been hunting their family for many years. And if you have been following their journey, just like me you will love the ending. Not going to tell you what happens but it is the best ending to a wonderful series.