Blood Secrets - Shay Lacy

In Blood Secrets by Shay Lacy, Ileana Alvarez Calderon and her family are bound to the past. Her family by the country they left two generations ago and which the long to return to, and her to her deceased fiancé. Ever since the death of her fiancé, Ileana dedicated herself to living the life he would have had. She went to school and took a job in the family business.


Now as her father is about to retire due to illness, she expects to take over the company. But her father believes that the woman’s place is in her home taking care of a husband and children, which lead to many arguments. But in her quest to show her father she can run the company she goes to their distributor and makes her own choices besides what her father will usually buy for them to sell.


What Ileana didn’t expect was that Michael Ziffkin, the importer and owner, would be the man that the Sight showed her. She has always had the Sight and everything that it shows her has come true. Now it has shown him as her forbidden lover. For her family will not accept a man not of their community.


Michael has his own problems, he has a past that haunts him and the reason why he built the empire he did in order to protect his family. When he meets Ileana he cannot help the immediate attraction he feels towards her and asks her out only to have her turn him down. In a way it’s better since he needs to concentrate on his business and his family.


But when robberies start happening in the Cuban community things get complicated really fast. Especially after Ileana finds out that Michael also gets robbed and figures that things are connected. Only Michael already has enough on his plate with his mother getting sick again and him having to support his mother and father and keep everything from his brothers.


To make matters worst a dead body turns up at one of his warehouses, and Ileana’s Sight had already foreseen it. She thinks that they are being attacked by one person for a possible blackmail. The only problem will be finding out who is targeting them and have the authorities there in time before another tragedy happens.


Then there is Ileana’s father who is dead set against her dating or even seeing Michael, but if Ileana wants even a little happiness in her life she will have to confront her father and make one of the toughest decisions of her life.


If you want a suspenseful and intriguing read that will keep you at the edge of your seat, don’t miss Blood Secrets by Shay Lacy.