The Rebel's Own - M.O. Kenyan

In The Rebels’ Own by M.O. Kenyan, Kennedy Bailey was used in a cruel game by the popular crowd in high school, which left her pregnant and alone at a very young and vulnerable age. She already had a hard life at home as it was, now she would only disappoint them but she would have a tough life ahead. Which lead her to making a decision that if she had succeeded would have been the biggest sin and mistake of her life.


Now Kennedy lives with her mother and her five-year-old son, and lives to bring happiness to his life. But when her son is diagnosed with leukemia Kennedy is confronted with the biggest decision of her life. She needs a bone marrow donor for her son, but she is not compatible, her best options would be the father of her child or the mother cells from an umbilical cord from a sibling. Otherwise the wait to find a donor could mean life or death for her child.


Ryan Carville is an NFL quarterback, and the father of Kennedy’s child. Ryan is famous now and has the life his father pushed him to have, but he still has one regret, giving in to peer pressure from the popular crowd and using Kennedy the way eh did back in school. Which is why after graduating he left home for college and didn’t return.


As her son’s health gets worst, Kennedy decides to pull the biggest stunt of her life. She will use Ryan’s manager and best friend to arrange her meeting Ryan again, with the threat of revealing what they did to her in high school if he doesn’t help. She will seduce Ryan and get pregnant and have another child to give her son a chance at life.


But one night with Ryan may not be enough, and she soon realizes that she needs to talk to him. But instead of talking they end up having a second night together without the truth coming out. Until a photograph of him and Kennedy in the elevator and then another of his friend giving her a check will make secrets be revealed.


To say that Ryan is surprised is little, but he will give his son everything he needs, the bone marrow, the money for his treatment and including marrying his mother. But a quick wedding done by Elvis in Vegas will not be enough if their marriage and family is to have a chance at true happiness.


To make matters worst, Ryan’s high school girlfriend who pushed them all to do all the horrible things they did, and the woman he kept dating for the past five years does not want to let go of his money. And she will do her best to destroy his marriage and get Ryan back. Then there is Kennedy’s mom, who hates Ryan for what he did and cannot hide her feelings towards him.


But the biggest challenge for Ryan and Kennedy will be accepting that what the connection they felt in high school and what they feel now is more than just a passing attraction. They are building a family and have a chance at true happiness, but an accident will bring perspective to their feelings and what they really want. The only chance they will have is to have faith, love and strength to stick together until all gets better.


If you want a truly emotional and deep read, don’t miss The Rebels’ Own by M.O. Kenyan.