Just One Night - Lauren Layne

In Just One Night by Lauren Layne, Riley McKenna is the sex expert in Stiletto magazine. She is the woman all men want to date and have in their bed, but as much as her reputation may look like she is an easy lay, Riley as far from it. In fact she has a secret that is hard to believe, all her articles and sex talk is not based on personal experience.


So when her editor request that each one of them write something personal for Stiletto’s anniversary issue, Riley needs help from the one man she has always been able to count on and asks for the biggest favor ever.


Sam Compton will do anything for Riley, except be her experimental sex toy. He flat out refuses to be used by her in that way, but when she starts shopping around for another man to take his place he finds himself unable to accept that.


Sam and Riley have been best friends for a long time and love to give each other a hard time when it comes to their dating lives. Riley leaves things in Sam’s car and home to get him into trouble, while Sam just tends to ignore that she is dating anyone, well having sex with anyone actually. But Sam has always felt that he was not good enough for Riley. And her proposition just complicates matters to him and his feelings towards her.


But with her writing about sex, how could she write all of that without having done it herself. He expects her to be an expert but the truth is far from it. And the truth behind why they date the way they do and their own sex lives is actually the very reason why they care about the what the other may be doing or whom they might be dating. Jealousy can be a strong factor in life, and unless they realize the reason behind it, neither of them will be able to have the happiness they desire.


Riley has been writing about sex for ten years, she knows that to actually experience what she writes about will be no big deal, or so she thinks. Her one-night deal with Sam is so amazing it soon turns into just one more time, and another and another.


Soon Riley and Sam realize that true love will not let itself be made into a one-night thing. But before they can have anything lasting they will have to open themselves up to love and risk loosing everything before they can have it all.


I loved the ending of this book and I need a book with Emma and Alex. I just know their story will be so interesting and intense that it will be the perfect closing to the Sex, Love and Stiletto series with all the main girls of the Stiletto magazine having their own HEA.


If you want a fun, hot and sweet read, don’t miss Just One Night by Lauren Layne.