A Sweet Deal - Monica Tillery

In A Sweet Deal by Monica Tillery, Richard Morgan has worked very hard to help keep the family business working at it’s best. But the one closest to his heart is the one that began with his mother, Morgan Confectioners.


So when his father tells him that he is considering selling their candy company a rival company since it’s not making as much money as their other ventures, Richard will do anything he can to keep him from selling. Including getting married again and giving his father what he wants, the one thing he swore he would not do again after his mistake of a marriage.


Yvette Cruz is one of the best mergers and acquisitions rep in her company, and he has been charged with brokering the buyout with Morgan Confectioners. She has been working very hard to convince Mr. Morgan to sell, but when his son Richard gets wind of things, things start to cool off towards her being able to make the buyout.


Richard believes that Yvette is a flirt that will do anything to get her way and is just playing his father to get his company. But he will do everything in his power to stop the sell. To start he will meet with her at the Vegas convention and let her know that he will not allow the sell to go through. But once he lays eyes on her, he finds her irresistible and hard to get out of his mind.


One hot night together will bring unforeseen consequences. Yvette soon finds herself pregnant with Richard’s baby, and Richard finds the solution to his problem. He can marry her and have the family his father is asking for in order to turn over Morgan Confectioners to him.


What begins as a solution and easy plan, soon turns into more. And Richard finds himself falling for Yvette, but the right decision made for the wrong reasons will come to bite him is the ass, and he will have to find a way to prove to Yvette that she means more to him than Morgan Confectioners does.


If you want a hot, fun and sweet read, don’t miss A Sweet Deal by Monica Tillery.