Pleasing the Pirate - Sharon Cullen

In Pleasing the Pirate by Sharon Cullen, the pirate English Phin Lockwood has been captured and has been sentenced to death. Thanks to his friend the crown has given him two choices, bring in a certain Scottish traitor or hang. Phin knows that it will not be easy to flush out a traitor but his dear friend, who also happens to be a spy, has already put plans into motion to help Phin locate the traitor, to start Phin will have to go to Scottland.


Mairi McFadden is desperate to free her brother and convince him to take his place as chief of the clan. But first she needs to get to England, find her brother and then convince him to return home. Thankfully one of the few men that arrived to help her has pointed her in the direction of Phin the pirate, she is told that he can help her find her brother with the right price. What Mairi doesn’t know is how handsome Phin is and how hard it will be to keep him at a distance, or that the pirate also wants to find her brother but to bring him to the crown.


The attraction and chemistry between Phin and Mairi is immediate, and while Mairi would like to intimidate Phin with the pistol she carries it only makes him more charming. Unfortunately for Mairi, hiring a pirate is not cheap and while her people all gathered everything they had to gather enough money might not be enough. Mairi will barter with Phin for his services and if she has to pay in kind then so be it.


Phin had not expected for the help he needed to find the traitor to come to him and ask for his help to the same end. But keeping his hands from her while trying to apprehend her brother will not be easy. And he will have to lie to her the entire time until they find her brother which makes things more complicated the longer he is in her company. Betraying her trust will not be easy, but it’s either her brother or him that will hang.


Mairi learned to hate the English from her family and friends, but spending time with them in Phin’s company makes her see that they are not so different. Even if she does think them to be wasteful when her people could make use of all the food they waste and the money they spend of what she considers frivolity.


While her heart starts to thaw towards Phin, his family and friends her brother will try to use her towards his advantage. Which will put Mairi in a complicated situation and make her see how far her brother has gone in his hate while testing her and her beliefs. But she will she be able to betray the people that have opened their arms and homes to her over her brother who has abandoned her and their clan?


Phina and Mairi will have you turning page after page wanting to know what will happen next. The chemistry between them is strong but so are their beliefs and will to not give in, which will make this a very charged situation. Add in a little intrigue, betrayal, love and jealousy and you know that you have an entertaining read.


For a fun and entertaining read full of intrigue and hot chemistry, don’t miss Pleasing the Pirate by Sharon Cullen.