A Promise of More - Bronwen Evans

In A Promise of More by Bronwen Evans, Lord Coldhurst has accidentally killed Beatrice Henessey’s brother in a duel. Now Beatrice must ask the notorious rogue for his help. If he hadn’t killed her brother she would not be faced with the problems she has now, and blackmailing him into a loveless marriage is her best solution.


Soon Beatrice finds herself waiting for him at the port to disembark, but since she is there without a chaperone or maid. Which leaves her in a very compromising position and has the prostitutes there pushing her back since they want the best catch for the night and consider her a newbie waiting for the best catch. Beatrice knows that she is not there for the same reason, per se, that they are. But that does not matter and no matter how many times she tries to go to the front she is pushed around until she is pushed overboard and into the Thames.


Sebastian Hawkestone, Lord Coldhurst, is pleasantly surprised by the little mermaid he has rescued from the Thames, she may look plain to many people but she has an inner beauty and gorgeous body. What he doesn’t expect is to be propositioned by her soon after she regains consciousness. He likes her enough to tease her and want her in his bed, but he is not sure he wants to marry yet.


But the more Sebastian thinks about it, he acknowledges that it will be the best solution all around. It will help her and her family with finances, and it will keep him free of young debutantes and their mamas pushing their way to him to get marriage. Plus she will bring a little more stability to his sisters.


Sebastian and Beatrice will begin a marriage in name only, but Sebastian has made it clear that he wants a true marriage and he will charm his wife into conceding his wishes. But Beatrice has kept a few truths from Sebastian and the little lies and a promise she made to her best friend may just mean the end of their marriage if she is not honest with him soon. And to make things worst, the person that attacked his friend Christian Trent and tried to have him killed has also targeted him and may have killed Beatrice’s brother.


With a woman out to destroy the Libertine Scholars and using the people around them to hurt them, Sebastian and his friends are in terrible danger. And while it may look like the women close to them are safe nobody is sure how long this will last. But as these bachelors find love in the most unexpected places they also find their perfect match and the women that will help them find out who is the woman that wants to make them pay for the sins of their fathers.


Bronwen Evans has done a great job of having the right amount of romance and intrigue to keep me hooked in every book, I can’t wait to read more about the Libertine Scholars.


If you want a read full on intrigue and romance, don’t miss A Promise of More by Bronwen Evans.