Aiming for the Cowboy - Mary Leo

In Aiming for the Cowboy by Mary Leo, Helen Shaw has worked very hard to get to where she is in the rodeo circuit. She loves her independence and has no plans for having children or a husband. But faith has other plans for her, for one night with her friend has had consequences neither of them expected. She has had a crush on Colt since she was young and hoped for something more to happen between them, but having him just out of obligation is not something she wants.


Colt Granger is a single father of three raucous, mischievous and full of energy young boys. Since the death of his wife he has his hands full, not only taking care of three young boys, but also running the family ranch. With three boys he can barely control, he decided that he would not have any more children and had a vasectomy. Which is why the one night he was with Helen he did not use protection, without knowing that there could be consequences.


When Helen finds out that she is pregnant she has to quit competing and return to Brigg, Idaho until the birth of her child. She knows that she has to tell Colt and arrives during his youngest son’s birthday to talk to him. Only she soon realizes that he has a date and she keeps getting interrupted and feels it’s not the right time. So she leaves for her family home.


Colt may wonder why Helen is not competing, but he will not pry. He respects and cares for her too much for that, but he does wonder. When Helen returns to Briggs to stay with her cousin, he tells everyone that she is pregnant before she could tell Colt. Now she has to find a way to tell him, only every time that she plans on telling him, things keep happening that interrupt them. Now everyone knows that she is pregnant but the father of her child doesn’t know it’s his.


Well let’s just say the luck Helen has trying to tell him is bad, every time she tries something happens and she is once again unable to tell him, and when she finally does tell him he walks away from her without a word. Now things will get interesting, because even though Helen loves him she believes that he doesn’t love her and while she will date him in the meantime, she will not commit to anything with him until she knows that he is not only doing it out of duty. And the fact that he still lives where he lives with his late wife and has no plans of moving is not going to help their relationship at all.


If you want a fun, flirty and heartwarming read, don’t miss Aiming for the Cowboy by Mary Leo.