The Party Girl - Tamara Morgan

In The Party Girl by Tamara Morgan, Kendra Khuso just wants to have fun, but her family is very traditional and keeps reminding her that it’s time she settled down with a parent approved husband. Only Kendra is happier with her plastic surgery business, feeling attractive and her easy life dating whatever guy takes her interest for the moment. But things change when Lincoln, one of her exes, shows up at her door all bloodies up asking for help to get to his friend’s house.


Lincoln’s friend Noah is a solitary man trying to live a simple life. He lives off the land in his plot outside of town and living a calm life. That does not mean that he will turn his back on his best friend though, no he will come to Lincoln’s aid, and ends up impressing Kendra enough to make her want to stick around.


When Noah sees Kendra he is immediately interested, even if she does represent everything that he has given up. The only problem that comes between the immediate attraction between Noah and Kendra is Lincoln. No matter what there is a rule about men dating their best friend’s exes, which can be quite frustrating for these two. But once they realize that Lincoln has moved on, so will they, into much hotter scenes.


Only Noah and Kendra lead very different lives and the skeletons thy have been hiding in their closets can prove to be too much for their fragile relationship. Only their love, strong will, determination and compromise will help them reach their HEA.


Kudos to Tamara Morgan, she has done a consistent job of surprising me with this series. None of the characters have been your regular heroes or heroines. Each of the heroines has been different and not the usual fragile heroines, while the heroes have not always been Alpha, but have definitely found a way to steal these heroines hearts.


For a different, fun and a nice change of pace type of read, don’t miss The Party Girl by Tamara Morgan.