A Kiss of Lies - Bronwen Evans

In A Kiss of Lies by Bronwen Evans, Serena Castleton is is desperate to escape her abusive and horrible past, and creates Sarah Cooper in order to escape Canada and find a way to return to England. So she has decided to disguise herself as a governess and apply for a job with Christian Trent, Earl Markham. A man that she had a crush on long ago and even fantasized about marrying, but as one of the Libertine Scholars he never knew that she existed.


Christian Trent knows that he needs a governess to look after and teach his ward while they journey back home to England. The lovely Sarah is perfect for the job but first Lily Pearson, his ward, must approve of her before he will hire her on. What ahs surprised him most has been that the beautiful Sarah has not shown the horror or pity that many have shown after seen his scars. Only Lily has ever not shown fear or repulsion towards his scars and shown true love towards him, so he will always put young Lily first.


Serena never stopped her loving Christian, even if from afar, so being close to him will not make thing easy. She still cares about him and wants him, but if she is to be able to act on her desires she must first convince him that she is not afraid or repulsed by him, starting by showing him her own scars. But while their passion and love is great, it will not be easy, for there are evil people out to harm them both.


Unfortunately, all the Libertine Scholars are at risk, and Serena is someone that knows more than the person targeting them wishes. For deep in the recesses of Serena’s memories lies the reason of the evil now hunting them all.


There is a great mystery surrounding this group of friends who are known as the Libertine Scholars and why they are being targeted someone that none of them knows, but that Serena may have seen when she was a young girl. I loved how in this debut both the characters were tormented and damaged by their past but they were able to find and heal each other. I cannot wait to read more of this series, kudos to Bronwen Evans for creating such an intriguing series. It pulls you in from the very beginning and does not let go.


For an intriguing, passionate, sweet and fun read, don’t miss A Kiss of Lies by Bronwen Evans.