Five of Hearts - Jennifer DeCuir

In Five of Hearts by Jennifer DeCuir, Dean needs a quiet place, somewhere where he won’t be immediately recognized and he will be able to get away from all the craziness of his old life as a celebrity. Even though he is no longer singing, the fact that he was once the lead singer of a famous boy band called Five of Hearts and that he has lots of money makes him a prime target for gold diggers out for fast cash.


Shannon doesn’t need any man, after her ex left her as soon as he found out that they were expecting triplets she knew that she had to do everything and be everything for her children alone. Thankfully she found a great woman to accept her as caretaker, gave her the carriage house to live in with her children and only needs her to do anything when she will be in town hosting parties or special events. That does not mean that it doesn’t get lonely with no neighbors close by and no other adult to talk to day and day out.


So when someone moves in to the house next door, which has been empty for a long time, she knows that she may finally be able to have some adult conversation. But her children will not make things easy, for they used his backyard as an extension of theirs to play in and they will sneak there quite often to play and do mischief.


At first Dean doesn’t want anything to do with Shannon and her three kids, but there is something about her and her children that keep him wanting to get closer. And the fact that she has no idea who he is, is a big attracting factor. Only as time goes by and they spend more time together, things will get more complicated than Dean thought. For even though he thought that things could be simple, he cannot get Shannon out of his head, or the need to want to be with her and her children. But how can he be with her when he has not told her who he is and why he moved there in the first place.


Dean and Shannon have a lot of issues to get past, starting with their own insecurities and finally with accepting that they want to be together. But unless they are honest and open with each other, problems will arise from the secrets that have been kept. But the three little troublemakers will make sure that they are certainly heard about what they want and need.


If you want a sweet, fun and entertaining read, don’t miss Five of Hearts by Jennifer DeCuir.