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The Rebel's Own - M.O. Kenyan

In The Rebels’ Own by M.O. Kenyan, Kennedy Bailey was used in a cruel game by the popular crowd in high school, which left her pregnant and alone at a very young and vulnerable age. She already had a hard life at home as it was, now she would only disappoint them but she would have a tough life ahead. Which lead her to making a decision that if she had succeeded would have been the biggest sin and mistake of her life.


Now Kennedy lives with her mother and her five-year-old son, and lives to bring happiness to his life. But when her son is diagnosed with leukemia Kennedy is confronted with the biggest decision of her life. She needs a bone marrow donor for her son, but she is not compatible, her best options would be the father of her child or the mother cells from an umbilical cord from a sibling. Otherwise the wait to find a donor could mean life or death for her child.


Ryan Carville is an NFL quarterback, and the father of Kennedy’s child. Ryan is famous now and has the life his father pushed him to have, but he still has one regret, giving in to peer pressure from the popular crowd and using Kennedy the way eh did back in school. Which is why after graduating he left home for college and didn’t return.


As her son’s health gets worst, Kennedy decides to pull the biggest stunt of her life. She will use Ryan’s manager and best friend to arrange her meeting Ryan again, with the threat of revealing what they did to her in high school if he doesn’t help. She will seduce Ryan and get pregnant and have another child to give her son a chance at life.


But one night with Ryan may not be enough, and she soon realizes that she needs to talk to him. But instead of talking they end up having a second night together without the truth coming out. Until a photograph of him and Kennedy in the elevator and then another of his friend giving her a check will make secrets be revealed.


To say that Ryan is surprised is little, but he will give his son everything he needs, the bone marrow, the money for his treatment and including marrying his mother. But a quick wedding done by Elvis in Vegas will not be enough if their marriage and family is to have a chance at true happiness.


To make matters worst, Ryan’s high school girlfriend who pushed them all to do all the horrible things they did, and the woman he kept dating for the past five years does not want to let go of his money. And she will do her best to destroy his marriage and get Ryan back. Then there is Kennedy’s mom, who hates Ryan for what he did and cannot hide her feelings towards him.


But the biggest challenge for Ryan and Kennedy will be accepting that what the connection they felt in high school and what they feel now is more than just a passing attraction. They are building a family and have a chance at true happiness, but an accident will bring perspective to their feelings and what they really want. The only chance they will have is to have faith, love and strength to stick together until all gets better.


If you want a truly emotional and deep read, don’t miss The Rebels’ Own by M.O. Kenyan.

Just One Night - Lauren Layne

In Just One Night by Lauren Layne, Riley McKenna is the sex expert in Stiletto magazine. She is the woman all men want to date and have in their bed, but as much as her reputation may look like she is an easy lay, Riley as far from it. In fact she has a secret that is hard to believe, all her articles and sex talk is not based on personal experience.


So when her editor request that each one of them write something personal for Stiletto’s anniversary issue, Riley needs help from the one man she has always been able to count on and asks for the biggest favor ever.


Sam Compton will do anything for Riley, except be her experimental sex toy. He flat out refuses to be used by her in that way, but when she starts shopping around for another man to take his place he finds himself unable to accept that.


Sam and Riley have been best friends for a long time and love to give each other a hard time when it comes to their dating lives. Riley leaves things in Sam’s car and home to get him into trouble, while Sam just tends to ignore that she is dating anyone, well having sex with anyone actually. But Sam has always felt that he was not good enough for Riley. And her proposition just complicates matters to him and his feelings towards her.


But with her writing about sex, how could she write all of that without having done it herself. He expects her to be an expert but the truth is far from it. And the truth behind why they date the way they do and their own sex lives is actually the very reason why they care about the what the other may be doing or whom they might be dating. Jealousy can be a strong factor in life, and unless they realize the reason behind it, neither of them will be able to have the happiness they desire.


Riley has been writing about sex for ten years, she knows that to actually experience what she writes about will be no big deal, or so she thinks. Her one-night deal with Sam is so amazing it soon turns into just one more time, and another and another.


Soon Riley and Sam realize that true love will not let itself be made into a one-night thing. But before they can have anything lasting they will have to open themselves up to love and risk loosing everything before they can have it all.


I loved the ending of this book and I need a book with Emma and Alex. I just know their story will be so interesting and intense that it will be the perfect closing to the Sex, Love and Stiletto series with all the main girls of the Stiletto magazine having their own HEA.


If you want a fun, hot and sweet read, don’t miss Just One Night by Lauren Layne.

A Sweet Deal - Monica Tillery

In A Sweet Deal by Monica Tillery, Richard Morgan has worked very hard to help keep the family business working at it’s best. But the one closest to his heart is the one that began with his mother, Morgan Confectioners.


So when his father tells him that he is considering selling their candy company a rival company since it’s not making as much money as their other ventures, Richard will do anything he can to keep him from selling. Including getting married again and giving his father what he wants, the one thing he swore he would not do again after his mistake of a marriage.


Yvette Cruz is one of the best mergers and acquisitions rep in her company, and he has been charged with brokering the buyout with Morgan Confectioners. She has been working very hard to convince Mr. Morgan to sell, but when his son Richard gets wind of things, things start to cool off towards her being able to make the buyout.


Richard believes that Yvette is a flirt that will do anything to get her way and is just playing his father to get his company. But he will do everything in his power to stop the sell. To start he will meet with her at the Vegas convention and let her know that he will not allow the sell to go through. But once he lays eyes on her, he finds her irresistible and hard to get out of his mind.


One hot night together will bring unforeseen consequences. Yvette soon finds herself pregnant with Richard’s baby, and Richard finds the solution to his problem. He can marry her and have the family his father is asking for in order to turn over Morgan Confectioners to him.


What begins as a solution and easy plan, soon turns into more. And Richard finds himself falling for Yvette, but the right decision made for the wrong reasons will come to bite him is the ass, and he will have to find a way to prove to Yvette that she means more to him than Morgan Confectioners does.


If you want a hot, fun and sweet read, don’t miss A Sweet Deal by Monica Tillery.

Pleasing the Pirate - Sharon Cullen

In Pleasing the Pirate by Sharon Cullen, the pirate English Phin Lockwood has been captured and has been sentenced to death. Thanks to his friend the crown has given him two choices, bring in a certain Scottish traitor or hang. Phin knows that it will not be easy to flush out a traitor but his dear friend, who also happens to be a spy, has already put plans into motion to help Phin locate the traitor, to start Phin will have to go to Scottland.


Mairi McFadden is desperate to free her brother and convince him to take his place as chief of the clan. But first she needs to get to England, find her brother and then convince him to return home. Thankfully one of the few men that arrived to help her has pointed her in the direction of Phin the pirate, she is told that he can help her find her brother with the right price. What Mairi doesn’t know is how handsome Phin is and how hard it will be to keep him at a distance, or that the pirate also wants to find her brother but to bring him to the crown.


The attraction and chemistry between Phin and Mairi is immediate, and while Mairi would like to intimidate Phin with the pistol she carries it only makes him more charming. Unfortunately for Mairi, hiring a pirate is not cheap and while her people all gathered everything they had to gather enough money might not be enough. Mairi will barter with Phin for his services and if she has to pay in kind then so be it.


Phin had not expected for the help he needed to find the traitor to come to him and ask for his help to the same end. But keeping his hands from her while trying to apprehend her brother will not be easy. And he will have to lie to her the entire time until they find her brother which makes things more complicated the longer he is in her company. Betraying her trust will not be easy, but it’s either her brother or him that will hang.


Mairi learned to hate the English from her family and friends, but spending time with them in Phin’s company makes her see that they are not so different. Even if she does think them to be wasteful when her people could make use of all the food they waste and the money they spend of what she considers frivolity.


While her heart starts to thaw towards Phin, his family and friends her brother will try to use her towards his advantage. Which will put Mairi in a complicated situation and make her see how far her brother has gone in his hate while testing her and her beliefs. But she will she be able to betray the people that have opened their arms and homes to her over her brother who has abandoned her and their clan?


Phina and Mairi will have you turning page after page wanting to know what will happen next. The chemistry between them is strong but so are their beliefs and will to not give in, which will make this a very charged situation. Add in a little intrigue, betrayal, love and jealousy and you know that you have an entertaining read.


For a fun and entertaining read full of intrigue and hot chemistry, don’t miss Pleasing the Pirate by Sharon Cullen.

A Promise of More - Bronwen Evans

In A Promise of More by Bronwen Evans, Lord Coldhurst has accidentally killed Beatrice Henessey’s brother in a duel. Now Beatrice must ask the notorious rogue for his help. If he hadn’t killed her brother she would not be faced with the problems she has now, and blackmailing him into a loveless marriage is her best solution.


Soon Beatrice finds herself waiting for him at the port to disembark, but since she is there without a chaperone or maid. Which leaves her in a very compromising position and has the prostitutes there pushing her back since they want the best catch for the night and consider her a newbie waiting for the best catch. Beatrice knows that she is not there for the same reason, per se, that they are. But that does not matter and no matter how many times she tries to go to the front she is pushed around until she is pushed overboard and into the Thames.


Sebastian Hawkestone, Lord Coldhurst, is pleasantly surprised by the little mermaid he has rescued from the Thames, she may look plain to many people but she has an inner beauty and gorgeous body. What he doesn’t expect is to be propositioned by her soon after she regains consciousness. He likes her enough to tease her and want her in his bed, but he is not sure he wants to marry yet.


But the more Sebastian thinks about it, he acknowledges that it will be the best solution all around. It will help her and her family with finances, and it will keep him free of young debutantes and their mamas pushing their way to him to get marriage. Plus she will bring a little more stability to his sisters.


Sebastian and Beatrice will begin a marriage in name only, but Sebastian has made it clear that he wants a true marriage and he will charm his wife into conceding his wishes. But Beatrice has kept a few truths from Sebastian and the little lies and a promise she made to her best friend may just mean the end of their marriage if she is not honest with him soon. And to make things worst, the person that attacked his friend Christian Trent and tried to have him killed has also targeted him and may have killed Beatrice’s brother.


With a woman out to destroy the Libertine Scholars and using the people around them to hurt them, Sebastian and his friends are in terrible danger. And while it may look like the women close to them are safe nobody is sure how long this will last. But as these bachelors find love in the most unexpected places they also find their perfect match and the women that will help them find out who is the woman that wants to make them pay for the sins of their fathers.


Bronwen Evans has done a great job of having the right amount of romance and intrigue to keep me hooked in every book, I can’t wait to read more about the Libertine Scholars.


If you want a read full on intrigue and romance, don’t miss A Promise of More by Bronwen Evans.

Aiming for the Cowboy - Mary Leo

In Aiming for the Cowboy by Mary Leo, Helen Shaw has worked very hard to get to where she is in the rodeo circuit. She loves her independence and has no plans for having children or a husband. But faith has other plans for her, for one night with her friend has had consequences neither of them expected. She has had a crush on Colt since she was young and hoped for something more to happen between them, but having him just out of obligation is not something she wants.


Colt Granger is a single father of three raucous, mischievous and full of energy young boys. Since the death of his wife he has his hands full, not only taking care of three young boys, but also running the family ranch. With three boys he can barely control, he decided that he would not have any more children and had a vasectomy. Which is why the one night he was with Helen he did not use protection, without knowing that there could be consequences.


When Helen finds out that she is pregnant she has to quit competing and return to Brigg, Idaho until the birth of her child. She knows that she has to tell Colt and arrives during his youngest son’s birthday to talk to him. Only she soon realizes that he has a date and she keeps getting interrupted and feels it’s not the right time. So she leaves for her family home.


Colt may wonder why Helen is not competing, but he will not pry. He respects and cares for her too much for that, but he does wonder. When Helen returns to Briggs to stay with her cousin, he tells everyone that she is pregnant before she could tell Colt. Now she has to find a way to tell him, only every time that she plans on telling him, things keep happening that interrupt them. Now everyone knows that she is pregnant but the father of her child doesn’t know it’s his.


Well let’s just say the luck Helen has trying to tell him is bad, every time she tries something happens and she is once again unable to tell him, and when she finally does tell him he walks away from her without a word. Now things will get interesting, because even though Helen loves him she believes that he doesn’t love her and while she will date him in the meantime, she will not commit to anything with him until she knows that he is not only doing it out of duty. And the fact that he still lives where he lives with his late wife and has no plans of moving is not going to help their relationship at all.


If you want a fun, flirty and heartwarming read, don’t miss Aiming for the Cowboy by Mary Leo.

A Texan for Hire - Amanda Renee

In A Texan for Hire (Welcome to Ramblewood #4) by Amanda Renee, we are returning to Ramblewood and the wonderful people there. But if you have not read the previous books don’t worry, you won’t feel lost with this one.


Abby Winchester is used to her biological father always giving her a paper sending her on a hunt to find something that will be useful to her. Not material things, but things that change her world for the better. Until this latest note he left her before he died, “Find your sister.” Abby didn’t even know she had a sister and after trying to get information from her mother, she now believes that her father was unfaithful to her and that may be why they separated. Her only hope is to go to the Ramblewood where she was born and see if she can find anything out. Read More...

The Twins' Rodeo Rider (Bridesmaids Creek) - Tina Leonard

In The Twins’ Rodeo Rider by Tina Leonard, Bridesmaids Creek legends are very specific, and according to the legend Cisco Grant has been chosen as destined to another woman. But Suz Hawthorne cannot accept that the man she loves is meant for another. Yet, that does not mean that she will give in to his flirting that easily.


Navy SEAL Cisco Grant knows that he and Suz belong together. It’s not his fault that his buddy got a cramp during the race and he accidentally got the wrong woman at the finish line because of it. He doesn’t believe in legends or curses, but everyone in Bridesmaids Creek does making it quite difficult for him to romance Suz. But after things get a little out of control and Suz and her sister are at risk of loosing their family ranch and their livelihood, he knows that he may have to get out of town for a while even if he only wants to do things his way. Read More...

Mine Tonight - Lisa Marie Perry

In Mine Tonight (The Blue Dynasty #4) by Lisa Marie Perry, Bindi Paxton has lost everything, her chance at having her own TV show and her fiancé all at once. All her “friends” turned their backs on her after they learned what happened and now all she wants to do is get out of town, taking the vacation she was going to take with her fiancé to Seychelles Islands, take a break and start over again. But things don’t go exactly as she planned.


Santino Franco has always been attracted to his father’s fiancé, but she is nothing more than a gold digger. And after what his father did, he believes that she is the link to catch his father and bring him to justice. So when he learns that Bindi left Las Vegas and went to the Seychelles Islands, he believes that she may be meeting his father or know something to lead Santino to him. Read More...

New York Minute - Melinda Dozier

In New York Minute by Melinda Dozier, Veronica Mars has decided to attend a co-worker’s wedding. With them being in New York she knows that the food must be worth it considering the price of the catering and place where the wedding is being held. But she knows that as always, the shy accountant in her will remain a wallflower. But she will at least try to live a little before she follows her mother’s dictates.


As Veronica is about to leave the wedding reception, she realizes that this may be her only chance to live and have a fling. So she decides to try and flirt a little, just maybe she will be able to pick up a man there. And when a handsome man flashes his bedroom eyes at her, she knows that she will try to be a sexy siren if only for one night. Read More...

The Tycoon's Wager - Olivia Logan

In The Tycoon’s Wager by Olivia Logan, CJ Stratt is an agony aunt. Her show might not be doing as well as it should but she does have it’s faithful listeners, like the woman who just called to complain about the man she was dating and then dumped her. But CJ tells it like she sees it, and that man sounds like a playboy who doesn’t know how to commit, she should know, she dated a similar man before.


Jake Harper needs his image to be pristine and to shed his irresponsible playboy image. Little do people know that he has always been the brain behind his brother’s success. Now that his brother is gone, he needs all the support to be able to insure the business deal that could either make or break his career. So when he gets his car from the mechanic and is unable to change the station he is annoyed and about to turn it off, until he hears a woman complaining about him and an agony aunt ruining his image and making look even more irresponsible than others believe him to be. Read More...

The Millionaire's Deception - Wendy Byrne

In The Millionaire’s Deception (Men of the Zodiac) by Wendy Byrne, Rafe McCall is the Closer, the guy that will get that deal when other have not been able to. So when he is hired to convince a small restaurant owner named Frankie Ritacco to sell his business for a property development, he believes that it will be a piece of cake. But things are not as simple, for first he believes Frankie to be man, and the truth behind the deal is not what he thinks.


Frankie loves her small town and wants to preserve it. She knows that it’s mainly elderly people, but if she doesn’t stand up to them they will lose their homes and she will lose the only family she has. Not to mention that she just knows that if they sell out, their beautiful town will turn into another tacky gambling town with even tackier strip clubs, like the town next to theirs became. Read More...

The Baby Bonanza - Jacqueline Diamond

In The Baby Bonanza by Jacqueline Diamond, Zora Raditch made some big mistakes in her life, most of them related to her now ex-husband whom she had an affair with while he was married to one of the favorite doctor’s at Safe Harbor, making her into an outcast there. Only to have him cheat on her and leave her for another woman the same way he left his ex-wife for her.


Unfortunately, that’s not where her mistakes ended, no, she slept with him just before the divorce was final thinking that he did love her, only to have him walk away and leave her pregnant with twins. Now Zora has to deal with an unplanned pregnancy and finally accept that her ex doesn’t want to get back together with her. And the only people she can rely on are her housemates, especially Luke “Lucky" Mendez. Read More...

A Moment to Love - Jennifer Faye

In A Moment to Love by Jennifer Faye, Alexis Greer is on a mission, she needs to close the deal on the Lawson land or her father’s land development company will go bankrupt. After all his work and sacrifices, she cannot let that happen and possibly be the cause for him to have another heart attack.


Cord Lawson knows better than to trust a city girl, beginning with the young woman in a smart suit that just arrived in Whistle Stop. She may be good looking, but she is determined to get what she wants, beginning with his meal and the last chocolate bar he just bought. Read More...

Kissed by a Cowboy (Harlequin American Romance) - Pamela Britton

In Kissed by a Cowboy by Pamela Britton, Jillian is a very special person for she can communicate with animals, she hears or more accurately see the animal’s thoughts and feelings in her mind and can do the same vice versa. But there are many skeptics out there that have left her not wanting to tell anyone. The worst for her are the men, for she feels like not only do they not believe her, it’s almost as if they think she is making things up.


Wes Landon needs to get a horse to replace his old one if he wants to be able to win and make the deadline stated on his father’s will for him to have made a certain amount of money by a certain age. But he cannot afford an expensive horse, he needs to buy one at a low price,  that will be a winner. When he first sees Jillian at the sale he doesn’t know what to believe. She tells him things about the animals that he doesn’t know if he can believe yet she seems to know enough about animals that he considers asking for her help. Read More...

Her Backup Boyfriend - Ashlee Mallory

In Her Backup Boyfriend (The Sorensen Family #1) by Ashlee Mallory, Kate Mathews has worked really hard to rise on the corporate ladder and leave her past behind. But in some cases it is not that simple, like with her ex who left her after his family didn’t approve of her background. Only to get involved with another lawyer in their firm who does have a similar background as his and is approved by his family, and soon after got engaged to her.


Now Kate not only has to deal with seeing them together, she is asked to work on a case that could mean her promotion to junior associate with her nemesis. Then a little white lie slips out about her being involved with someone and the news has gotten to the higher ups. And now she has to find a man and have him pretend to be her boyfriend. Read More...